Monday, 28 February 2011

Quick update ....

I've managed 3 little runs (around 1 mile each) and my knee seems to be holding up. Slight hiatus now because of a virus, but I'm currently trying to work out a good running schedule that doesn't see me putting myself at injury risk. Lots of strengthening exercises - glutes, hamstrings, calves, core muscles - will hopefully be included to try to build a strong base. Once I've worked the plan out, I'll post it here to try to help me stick to it!

I'm currently trying to research into whether the dietary supplements glucosamine & chondroitin actually help to protect from joint and cartilage issues or not. You hear them being recommended by loads of people who do a lot of exercise, but evidence is still questionable. A recent edition of Runner's World seemed to have some slightly conflicting info on it's efficacy, so I'd like to look into it all a bit more. I'll post my findings once I've done a bit of literature searching.

On the music front, I have lyrics to a new song (working title: No Fear), but have not had time to do much more than that - practicing for a band gig was taking up my time. I should have some free time over the next few weeks, so hopefully progress will be made.

Hopefully I'll be back with some glucosamine/chondroitin info soon.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I have run!!

Today I managed to get out for my first run of 2011!

OK, so I only did 1 mile, but that was a conscious decision as my knee is still a bit uncomfortable. I got through the mile with no difficulty and no pain, so I am very, very pleased. Precautionary ice was added when I got back, but I'm optimistic that it won't be any worse tomorrow.

I jogged a very easy mile around the local park and although I could feel my knee to begin with, a few minutes in and I could no longer feel it. I suspect that a bit of exercise is going to do it more good than harm, as long as I continue with the physio exercises and am sensible about how much I do. Hopefully, I get the chance to do a couple of weeks of really easy and short jogs and can build from there.

I have a suspicion that I wasn't doing the physio exercises as well as I should be, so a slight change in technique and intensity and I'm hoping this is the start of some consistent running.

Fingers crossed.

Friday, 4 February 2011

New song - Can't Stop

OK, so after a little hiatus, I am back...and with something to post!

My song is finished! It's called 'Can't Stop':

Can't Stop

The lyrics are quite self-explanatory, but I guess it's about building a relationship up in your head with someone, and then discovering that it's mostly one-sided, but not being able to stop thinking about it.

I never quite know where my lyric ideas come from!! They're often sparked by TV or maybe how people I see interact and just spark a storyline. It's often something very small that sets off maybe a line or two, which I then build on.

The lyrics are here in full in case you can't catch them all (they do come thick and fast in a few bits!):

Verse 1
When you came into my life
I didn't see the signs
Of what could change
What you could be to me
When day turned to night
Revealed your shining light
Opened my eyes
Taught me to believe

Now I...

I can't stop thinking about your face
And I can't stop thinking about your ways
And I can't stop thinking about you,

I can't stop thinking about that place
And I can't stop thinking about those days
And I can't stop thinking about you

Verse 2
Thought I could change your world
And that you'd be in mine
This was our chance to see
All could be so fine
It's all about moving forward
But without regret
Memories may fade
But you're too hard to forget.

I'm pretty pleased with this one, but let me know what you think.