Monday, 7 March 2011

And some running.

Today was a mini milestone in my rehabilitation from a nuisance knee problem. Today I managed to run, albeit a very short 1.25 miles, without noticing my knee! That has got to be a good sign!

The trick now, fingers crossed for no more issues, will be to slowly build my fitness up without overdoing it and stressing my knee unduly - I reckon this should be easy enough, my fitness and endurance are poor at best, so there will be no striding out for masses of miles for a while!

The schedule for the next few weeks is to get out and on my feet for a few minutes more each time. Today was about 14 minutes, so two more runs scheduled this week and they'll be 16 and 18 minutes respectively. Once I get past 30 minutes, I hope I shall be able to build more quickly. I've taken to running around the local park, which means a short drive, but more importantly means I can run on surfaces that are a little softer than tarmac. I thoroughly enjoyed this morning's effort in the sun.

I've also added some core, strength & balance, and glute exercises to my weekly routine, in the hope that I can achieve a more balanced system and therefore try to lessen the burden on my wonky knees.


  1. good deal! Hope you recover fast.

  2. Take it easy and be patient. Just like I never do after an injury...;-)