Saturday, 26 March 2011

A couple of beautiful runs

I've had a couple of lovely runs in the sun this week, and I'm beginning to feel good. I'm still a little nervous about running too much and the return of the knee pain, but I've had a few consistent weeks now.

This week I've run in the park:

and along the canal:

and I've made it up to the heady heights of 28 minutes of continuous running.

Next week is all about the 30 minute runs, and hopefully three of them.

Bring on the sunshine!


  1. Sounds good, Clare. The towpath should be kinder to your knees than tarmac. Gently does it!


  2. I've been making an effort to stay off the tarmac since starting back and a lot of my runs have been along the towpath. It's harder work a bit further along as it's quite muddy, so I'm probably getting a better workout too!

  3. Hi Clare, I just saw your post on the runner's world forum, thought I'd come check your blog out. It looks like you get to run in some pretty places, I'm jealous! I'm struggling to get back into running after some time out too, but it sounds like you're more disciplined than me! Good luck! Lou

  4. Aww, thanks Louise. I've cherry picked the pretty places to take photos of, but the canal is a lovely place to run.

    Since that blog post it's been a bit up and down really - just got back after a virus last week and now I have a swollen knee! Not running related, but not helped by running on it on Monday!

    Good luck with getting back into it.