Saturday, 12 March 2011

Slowly building time on my feet

18 mintues of running along the canal in sunshine today. It may have been brief, but it was beautiful and reminded me why I have to rehabilitate cautiously and hope I can explore further afield as the weather improves.

I had slight concern after my mid-week run, as I was getting some unnerving pain down the outside of my knee, that reminded me very much of the start of my recent knee issues. It wasn't anything much, but I was concerned that after only 16 minutes worth of running, my knee started to show signs of overuse. However, my panic appears to have been premature and it eased off to nothing within about 36 hours. There was no problem today and hours later, I can't feel anything too alarming - phew! I'm getting bored with writing about knee pains and it's not very entertaining to anyone else either!

Still, I learnt something today....if problems do reoccur, and I can only ever run 20-30 minute runs, preferably along the canal in the sun, I could live with that.


  1. Don't know if this has posted before, but have you tried off-road running? Worth a try.

  2. Thanks 4winds. It is something that has just started to ease into my consciousness. Up until now. I'd always kind of thought that anything off-road would cause me to twist my ankle and do more damage, but it seems that it should have the opposite effect and help work the ankles a bit more, leading to more stabilisation?

    The canal towpath where I run is essentially mud, so I figure that's a cautious start away from tarmac, does that count? I'm not sure where else I could go nearby, but I shall now look into it. Thanks.